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Many real estate investors have come to me with the same concern... they know they need to take their investing to the next level so they can obtain that bigger cash flow they’ve been thinking and dreaming of... but they don’t have a clear plan on just how to do it.

By its very nature, commercial real estate has the advantage of lower vacancy risk, because it always involves two or more units. Unlike single-tenant investments, such as a single-family home, the vacancy risk with commercial properties is spread over several units.

For example, one empty office out of 20 is only a 5-percent vacancy. For commercial real estate, this 5 percent is less traumatic financially than a single-family home sitting vacant – in which case the investor experiences the painful and costly loss of 100-percent of his monthly rental income.

Now, I am very grateful to RIM for giving me the amazing opportunity to work under two of the world's most prominent self-made technology billionaire CEOs. However, I grew tired of wearing the "suit." I didn't want to continue spending 60 to 80 hours a week working.

Since most existing commercial properties can be bought for not exactly their substitution cost, or the expense to assemble them new, they give strong financial quality. The financial matters of commercial properties contributing depend on their authentic recorded Net Operating Income, or NOI. Net Operating Income is essentially the real Adjusted Gross Income [scheduled rent – vacancies], less the real Operating Expenses of the commercial property, barring the obligation administration. With commercial properties, you get money related influence joined with long haul, settled rate institutional financing consolidated with fractional merchant financing.